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Diercon Tactical Water Microfilter
  • Diercon Tactical Water Microfilter
  • Diercon Tactical Water Microfilter
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TW01 Series
Product Name: Diercon Tactical Water Microfilter | Filter and Drink New Arriver TW01
Diercon Tactical Water Microfilter could filter 99.9999% of colibacillus, legionella, and 99.99% of protozoan cysts (such as Giadia and Cryptosporidium).
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  Product structure 

   Sturdy aluminum alloy shell, 
   Smaller size
   Lighter weight
   Easier to carry

Structure Chart

  Pump Handle

  New ergonomic design
  Exclusive piston type

  Stainless steel material
  Sturdy and durable

  Influent barb and Outlet barb
  Delicate designed
  Fast output
  Convenient to use
  Uneasy to leak


Top and Bottom
Food grade SUS304 stainless steel screws
Solid and durable
Safe and reliable

 Model    TW01
 Color    Olives
 Water Sources    Lakes, rivers, springs and streams etc.
   different fresh water
 Output    600ml/min
 Dimension    72*38*148mm
 Net Weigh    245g
 Filter Capacity    3000L/1 year
 Filter Material    0.01 micron ultra-filtration membrane
 Filter Model    FC10 (UF membrane filter)
   FC11 (Activated carbon filter)
 Warranty    5 years



 0.01Micron Hollow Fiber UF Membrane
 Meet WHO the highest standard  of bacteria removal.
 High efficiently filter out 99.9999%   malignant bacterial such as E.coli, legionella,  staphylococcus aureus etc.
 High efficiently filter out suspended pollutant  such as biological cysts and algae etc.

Activated Carbon Filter 
Adopt coconut shell activated carbon filter.
High efficiently filter out organic
micropollutants and peculiar smell, improve the taste and improve quality of drinking water.


  With the Backwash design for the filter
Prolong its life
Operate more convenience 
Low carbon environmental protection.

 Diercon Tactical Water Mirco-filter 

 1.With the specialized UF membrane  technology for outdoor filters, filter virtually all  bacteria more than 99.9999%, meeting  WHO&EPA standard. 

 2.Tested and confirmed by authoritative  organization Germany TUV SUD  ISO9001:2008 quality management system.   All the materials are met FDA standard.

 3.100% monitoring filter safety to provide  health, stable filtration effect for the filter

 4.Approved by Hygienic licenses of MOH,  tested and confirmed by America WQA gold  seal and Germany TIV SUD.

 5.Specialized in Research and develop,  design and manufacture of the outdoor filters,  has gained more than 40 national patent. 
 Other Mirco-filters 

 1.With the poor membrane or iodine resin  technology, filter out the bacteria less  than 99.9%.

 2.Unidentified materials of the filters,  failed to tested by ISO9001:2008 quality  management system, difficult to control  the quality of the filters. 

 3.Sampling test or never test the filters  lead to unstable filtration effect.

 4.Without any approval form authoritative  organization, incomplete qualification  system.

 5.Without any research and develop for  the products, just plagiarize other famous  brand products. 


 ►Diercon is the first one professional outdoor water filter manufacture who has the
     America WQA gold seal certificate based on NSF42/53. 

 ►Tested and confirmed by authoritative organization Germany TUV SUD meet
     EU 98/83/EC drinking water standard. 
 ►Tested and confirmed by authoritative organization Germany TUV SUD
     ISO9001:2008 quality management system.
 ►Meeting the EPA drinking water standard. 
 ►Meeting the highest bacteria removal standard of  WHO for the outdoor water

1.Adjust the float to keep prefilter off the bottom and away from sediment.

2.Insert the output hose into the clean container.

3.Hold the Micro-filter vertically, pump the handle several times until water flowing from the output hose.

4.Remove the output hose from the container, raise the input hose out of the water, regularly blow water through pumping the handle.

5.Remove the hoses and put them into  bag. In case of cross-contamination, please put the outlet hose alone. 
WQA, USA, 04.04.2012--- Protozoan Cysts Reduction
WQA, USA, 08.10.2012--- Material Extraction (safety soak)
WQA, USA, 07.27.2012--- Chlorine Reduction, Chlorine Taste and Odor Reduction
WQA, USA, 08.02.2012--- Particulate Reduction-Class VI
TUV SUD, China, 08.20.2012--- Staphylococcus Aureus, Vibrio Parahaemolyticus
TUV SUD, China, 06.30.2015---Escherichia coli
TUV SUD, China, 11.29.2012--- Legionella Pneumophila SG1
Ministry of Health, China, 10,24,2012---Hygienic License
Q: What is the bacteria reduction requirement according to the EPA and WHO standard? How many water bacteria does Diercon filter removes?
A: It is 99.9999%. That means only an outdoor filter that passed the test of 99.9999% bacteria removal is the safest for the user. Diercon filter is the only one in China that filters out 99.9999% of the bacteria and is strictly examined before it comes off the assembly line, This makes Diercon filter a model in the industry and this is also a reflect of our responsibility towards our customers.

Q: What is requirement of NTU for filtered drinking water according to the EPA and WHO standard? What is the NTU of water filtered by Diercon water filters
A: ≤1.0NTU Water filtered by Diercon filter has a NTU of < 0.5, which is the best in industry.

Q: Does Diercon filter offer test report? How do we know that the offered test report is real ? 
A: Diercon has built the most complete Measurement Debriefing System by long term cooperating with Germany TUV test centre. All the key test reports are conducted by TUV centre and report details are available by further inquiry from Diercon.
All test reports are provided with respective reference codes. And all test reports can be verified by direct contact with TUV providing them reference codes.

Q: Does Diercon has the ISO 9001:2008 quality management system certification ? 
A: Yes, we have, Dierocon is the only outdoor water filters manufacturer who has the TUV SUD ISO 9001:2008 quality management system certification.
Our Quality Principle: Excellence Safety First
Customer Orientated Continual Improvement

Q: Does Diercon has the most authoritative NSF42/53 certification in the water filtration industry ? 
A: Diercon is the only outdoor water filters manufacturer who has the American gold seal certificate based on NSF 42/53. The WQA personnel conduction factory inspection every year to make sure we are working strictly in line with their required procedure in the raw materials, production processes and quality control.

Q: What is a back wash device? 
A: The back wash device is a syringe-like device which is used to clean the filter element in order to prolong the life span of the filter.